Lap Dog For Lobbyists Replaces Lugar

Richard Lugar has been a decent conservative in the US senate, but to modern Republicans he is a servant of the Devil because he actually has cooperated with members of the Democratic Party. After nearly three decades as a leading conservative he will be replaced as the candidate of the Republican party  by Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock who is expected to win the upcoming primary race.

Retired Indiana State Trooper, Sgt. Thomas Frailey is a conservative, but he also does not want his State Pension plan damaged. He charges that Mr. Murdoch met with lobbyists seeking money while issuing a call for proposals to handle part of the Indiana State Pension Plan. Murdoch sent out this request even while attending a meeting of NGN Capital where he asked for money.

I am not charging Mr. Murdoch with anything, Perhaps, he could explain the propriety of such meetings.