Larry Cuban: “I Am A Bigot”

Larry Cuban, owner of the NBA Dallas Maverick basketball team is the first to admit that he is a bigot, first class. Unlike Donald Sterling, Larry wants the world to know that he is afraid of some black folk. “I’d cross the street to get away from a black kid in a hooodie.” Among the principle beliefs of this man who spends his life working with men with black skins is a sense of fear. “If I see anyone who looks threatening, I try not to, but part of me takes into account race, gender and image. I know that I’m prejudiced. I know that I’m a bigot in many ways.” Everything that Cuban notes is what any person born in poverty knows from day one of life. Larry, in the South Bronx which was inhabited by those with white skins, we ALWAYS walked away from boys –possessing white or black or pink skins– if they looked threatening.

Poor people learn early to avoid fighting with those who can do them harm. Larry, walking in an Italian neighborhood or an Irish neighborhood can be an experience in terror if those in it are poor and angry towards authority. Did you ever hear of the Mafia? Did you ever hear of Murder Incorporated? These groups were Italian and Jewish. And, by the way, among the longest existing mob in New York City was–the Westies of Manhattan. Nice, threatening Irish lads!