Lars Vilks Dogs It Out Of Home

There are Muslims who interpret any writing, drawing, or verbal expression that slights their religion as validation for employing violence against those guilty of these heinous crimes. For some reason, this concern about the dignity of an individual’s religion does not carry over to other religions. Literally, every day, in some Muslim newspaper there appears vicious articles against Jews accusing them of any and all crimes against humanity. More often than not, these expressions are accompanied by sketches which depict Jews as horrible creatures, but apparently to some Muslims it is OK to insult other religions, but express any word or drawing which does not pass the test of purity, must lead to action.

Swedish artist, Lars Vilks, gained international hatred from many Muslim groups for a sketch that depicted the Prophet Muhammad as a dog. Yes, it was in bad taste, but it does not sanction attacks on Mr. Vilks. Early this week he was physically assaulted and over the weekend his home was torched.