The last and final story about the great attack at Benghazi has now been offered to the American public. As you recall, there have been a hundred stories on Fox News or supporters of the Republican party which seek to blame Hillary Clinton for lying about the cause of the attack. Bill O’Reilly and other Fox News pundits and puke heads have consistently claimed that Hillary Clinton used the story about Muslims attacking and killing at Benghazi as stemming from their anger at an American video which mocked Muslims. She did tell a Republican investigating group, who the hell cares why the mob attacked, four Americans are dead. But, they want a confession that she lied.

US forces just captured Benghazi attack planner, Ahmed Abu Khattala. He told captors that he was inspired to carry out the attack to revenge the insult to Muslims that emerged from the video. In other words, he supports the view initially offered by the US State Department. I guess after a dozen attempts to prove that was NOT the motive, ?Fox News and John Boehner will have to identify another approach to the problem of Benghazi.

Is there any way we can link Bill Clinton to the guy who made the video?