Last Days Of Gaddafi

Where oh where is Muammar Gaddafi? We know that he is someplace in the land of Libya, but no one knows exactly where he is hiding. The rebellion has now reached the point that all understand Gaddafi’s days are over as dictator of Libya, but the real question is what next in this country? His followers in the towns of Sirte and Ben Walid are making a last ditch stand–for some reason. They will all die, be wounded or captured and that will officially mark the end of Gaddafi’s rule.

As fighting ceases in Libya, it increasingly becomes clear the only  organized group is composed of those who regard themselves as Islamists. The large secular group lacks cohesion, leadership and may wake up to discover they fought in order to establish an Islamist nation which is the exact object of their desires. It is ironic that Gaddafi–like Saddam Hussein– was never into religion which meant secular people were never worried that religious fanatics would control their lives.

Freedom for Libya may not necessarily translate into freedom of religion. Such is life.