Anthony Weiner resigned as a member of Congress and he will soon disappear into the dustbin of history. A few days have gone by without tweets, photos, and sarcastic comments about the New York congressman who came across as a righteous person, but alas, in the end was not so righteous. Of course, even as I write these comments, millions of words are being tweeted about sexual feelings. Weiner simply is a symbol of our times.

John F. Kennedy was the first political leader who came across as a sex symbol. Girls squealed in delight at his appearance and women sighed with envy of his beautiful wife, Jacqueline. Of course, in private life JFK was engaged in non-stop sex with women, including movie star Marilyn Monroe. But, that was before tweeting and the Internet so reporters kept his sex activities a secret from the public. Of course, prior in history there was Grover Cleveland who fathered an illegitimate child and Warren Harding who enjoyed sex, even in the White House. But, that was then.

Anthony Weiner tweeted photos of his allegedly powerful chest and a bulge in his pants. The world roared he was a pervert. But, what about:

Newt Gingrich who married his high school teacher, and when she was ill in bed handed her the divorce papers so he could marry his mistress. Of course, he then proceeded to cheat on her with his new mistress who is now his third wife.

Arnold Schwarzenegger who screwed the women who cooked and cleaned for his family.

Rudy Giuliani who cheated on his wife and married his mistress.

Elliot Spitzer who had some standards, he only fucked prostitutes.

George Bush was an alcoholic.

But, Sarah Palin certainly belongs in this rogues gallery. Her daughter, Bristol, just released a book about her life. In it Bristol claims Levi Johnston raped her on a camping trip and boasted to his friends about the sexual conquest. But, SARAH PALIN HAD THE MAN WHO RAPED HER DAUGHTER ON THE STAGE OF THE 2008 CONVENTION TO SHOW THE WORLD OF HER HAPPY FAMILY!! Talk about perverts!

I feel sad for Anthony Weiner. Yes, he is arrogant, self righteous, and pompous. In school, he was the boy bullied, not the bully. In school, he was the boy last chosen for a team. He used the camera to pretend his chest was powerful, sorry, he is of scrawny build, and not an athlete. I was the good athlete who sighed saying, “OK, I’ll take Anthony.” I was the one who said when Anthony made an error, “can’t you do anything right?” I was the one who mocked Anthony and called him a “fairy.” He was the boy who used mouth and intelligence to display his manhood because he came to believe boys who were physically able were the “real men.”

Defects of character are not criminal actions. If they were, half the male population would be in jail. If displaying your bulge was a crime, there would be ten times more men in prison than currently are for smoking pot. Weiner is still in adolescence. He is still attempting to prove his manhood. I feel like crying in discussing this man who is still a little boy anxious to prove he is not a little boy, but a man.

Anthony Weiner’s “crimes” pale besides those of Republicans in the US House of Representatives. They passed a bill that cut food and health care for poor people. Weiner fought for the poor of this nation. Weiner can best be described in this manner:

A schumuck is the waiter who overloads the tray.

A Schlemiel is the waiter who dumps the tray.

A schlamazel is the guy on whom the soup is dumped.

Anthony Weiner is the ultimate, schumuck, schlemiel, schlamazel combined into one. But, he is not a pervert compared to leaders of the Republican party

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