Laundryman In Charge Of Helmand Province?

American Marines, British soldiers and members of the Afghan army just fought their way into the city of Marjah in Helmand province in order to drive out the Taliban and secure the area for civilian life. Abdul Zahir has been appointed governor of the province as part of a plan to assure those who were under Taliban authority and are now free that a competent government was in place that would ensure restoration of facilities. It turns out that Mr. Zahir has a criminal record stemming from his fifteen years in Germany during which time he stabbed his own son. Of course, Mr. Zahir proclaims, “I was not a killer. I didn’t commit a crime.” Of course not, he was simply imposing discipline on a boy, what else does one do, but stick a knife into him?

However, having spent time in jail is not the worst of crimes, just examine members of the US Congress. But, we assume Mr. Zahir’s years of experience working in a laundry room does justify placing him in an important government position. At least he has clean hands which is more than some members of Congress can say. The good news concerning this appointment is a comment from Waheed Omar, who speaking for the president, said he was not familiar with the background of a guy who now will play a key government role in his country. Oh well, at least Zahir can wash out the dirty spots in Helmand province.