Laura Bush Defends Husband Against Unfair Critics

Laura Bush is a wonderful woman who has comported herself with dignity and decorum in the midst of some difficult times, but when one is married to the village idiot it is only natural that in defending him her comments come across as somewhat hypocritical. She blasted the media as being “unfair” in discussing her husband’s successes such as destroying the Saddam Hussein regime, freeing the people of Afghanistan and working to end AIDS in Africa. She rebuffed critics who insisted the United States should have completed the battle in Afghanistan before proceeding to Iraq. Mrs. Bush admits she is not a good cook, but, unfortunately, she does not admit as a foreign policy analyst she is a better cook than diplomatic expert. Yes, hubby got rid of Saddam, but in the process he created al-Qaeda of Mesopotamia and encouraged thousands of young Muslims all over the world to fight America.

One can only wonder where Laura Bush was when her husband joined in the Republican vicious smear of a man who lost both arms and legs fighting in Vietnam as unpatriotic. Of course, hubby was far from the fighting area and Mrs. Bush never mentioned the media being unfair when George smeared John Kerry who risked his life in the jungles of Vietnam.
We respect Mrs. Bush’s efforts to assist the women of Afghanistan, but due to her husband’s blunders these women now face hate, violence and an end to their freedom. I wonder if the women of Afghanistan think George Bush is being treated in an “unfair” manner?