Lawyer Kills Sister-In Court!

Rahella Sehto, was a 22 year old girl who fell in love with Zulfiqar Sehto, and despite objections from her family they married. Their lives were happy, they were in love, and did not think anything would interrupt their lives. Unfortunately, they inhabit the country of   Pakistan which  last year witnessed 2,341″Honor Killings.” Her uncle tried to strangle Raheela, but was unsuccessfu. Her parents went to court claiming that her husband had kidnapped her and wanted him thrown in jail.

The judge had ordered a recess. The two lovers were chatting. Suddenly, her brother, who is a lawyer, reached over, took out a  handgun and put a bullet into the head of his sister. He  tried killing the husband, but was prevented by police. This all occurred in the High Court in Hyderabad.  Javed Iqbal Shaikh defended the murder on grounds, “I did that in a rage because she had dishonored the family.”

I am certain he will spend a few months, at most, in jail and return to a warm welcome from fellow lawyers because he defended the concept of “honor.” I wonder if he would have killed a brother who eloped with a girl??