Le Monde May Not Be Long For This Monde

To the people of France and anyone who loves the French language or has lived in France, the newspaper, Le Monde, is a cherished ornament in the intellectual history of modern France. It was founded within a few weeks after the liberation of Paris in 1944 and throughout the remainder of this century has been a voice of reason, a watchdog over the government and an investigative force that seeks honesty and intelligence in politics. Alas, it has accumulated a debt of about $166,000,000 even though it has a daily circulation of 288,000 readers. Le Monde is among the most unique newspapers in the world because its journalists have power over who will be the editor and the editorial policy of the paper. This independence has freed them from having to adhere to dictates of a boss such as those who work for Rupert Murdoch suffer each day of the week in their attempts to put out world class honest work

To make matters worse, President Sarkozy has warned members of the staff if they seek assistance from anyone who belongs to those who oppose him, “Le Monde cannot count on public assistance.” Ironically, his threat is exemplifies the need for newspapers such as Le Monde who refuse to bow down to those with money. Is there any wealthy person with a spare $200 million who is willing to give it to some journalists who promise to ignore them or their views on the world of politics?