Le Pen Pens Missive To Daughter, Le Pen

Ah, children. We think of our children as reflections of who we are and expect them to behave according to the manner in which they were raised–daddy is always right. Jean Marie Le Pen has been around for half a century in France as the voice of modern Nazism. He founded the right wing neo-Nazi National Front to defend France against communists, Jews, liberals, socialists and those damn Arab migrants. At age 82, he surrendered power over the party to his daughter Marine because for some reason she actually thought it was inappropriate for a member of her party to go around giving Nazi salutes. Last month Alexandre Gabriac was seen in a photo giving a Nazi salute to a Nazi banner and Marine supported the disciplinary decision to expel this idiot from the party. Jean-Marie publicly told his daughter that she had acted “hastily” and should rethink the decision.

Marine made clear to the media she did not want people like Gabriac in the party because he believed in the Vichy government of war time France which accepted orders from the German government. Marine made clear that she intended to be “firm and brutal” against anyone who thought Nazism was a good idea.

Children, children, when will they ever learn that dad is always right!