Leadership And Presidency

I voted for Barack Obama twice for the role of president of the United States of America for the simple reason that his opponents were inept at leadership. The past several months Obama’s handling of the Syrian conflict has revealed that he simply is not an effective foreign policy leader of this nation. He is indecisive, surrounds himself with people who lack, either the knowledge or capacity, to speak frankly to the president concerning what should or should not be done. Frankly, those in advisory roles are unable to provide honest blunt advice to the president. Future historians will have dozens of books to write about the fiasco of Obama and Syria. Imagine, allowing Vladimir Putin to out maneuver you on any foreign policy issue!

However, the Syrian ineptness is only one of many that exemplify failure to communicate, and failure to assert a firm role in government by Obama. It is three years after passage of the Affordable Care Act and most Americans still do not understand its features. When posed ideas from this law, most Americans agree, but when asked if they support the law, most insist they do not like it! Failure to communicate has been the constant error on the part of Obama. He does not hold press conferences, he does not speak WITH the American people, but continues his college professor attitude that-take notes when I speak and pass the test!

Barack Obama must rank among the most inept leaders of this nation in our history