Leadership Conference

There are times when one is left wondering as to the rationale behind actions  of the Pope whose aim invariably results in turning devout Catholics into opponents of the church. The Leadership Council which represents about 80% of nuns in America is under fire by the Vatican for straying from Church teachings. Ironically, the Leadership Council has been fighting for social justice–a goal of the Church, it has been fighting to end poverty in the world, – goal of the Catholic Church, and it has been concerned with rights of females.

The Vatican attempt to stifle free speech is carried out on the assumption when church leaders speak they speak with the voice of God and all must obey. If one examines the history of the Catholic Church, in its early days priests did marry. In other words, what is “doctrine” today was not always doctrine. The Leadership Conference represents the voices and hopes of thousands of devout Catholics. Perhaps, it is time for Church leaders to bend with the wind of female rights.

We predict that by 2050 there will be an American Catholic Church in which freedom of speech and marriage is open to all.