The Pakistan Parliament is upset at the recent attack which led to the death of Osama bin Laden. They are upset US forces violated the sovereignty of their nation in order to kill him, and they are upset at failure of their own military to know Osama bin Laden was living amidst dozens of generals in a peaceful suburb town. Parliament wants the US to cease violating their air space, it wants the US to cease sending drones to kill militants, and it wants an end to US interference in their internal affairs. Of course, they still desire billions of dollars in aid for their armed forces which allegedly are using the money to fight militants. Of course, in reality, the money is being used to build more atomic bombs in case there is a war with India. And, we should not forget the money also winds up in pockets of members of the military who regard US aid as aid to needy generals.

1. Of course, the Pakistan Parliament is correct that US forces violated their sovereignty.

2. Of course, US forces had to violate Pakistan sovereignty because its military leaders collaborate with the Taliban.

3. Of course, use of drones violate the sovereignty of Pakistan.

4. Of course, drones have to be used because the Pakistan military refuse, not only to fight the Taliban, but arm them with weapons obtained from the US!

5. Nawz Sharif, former prime minister, actually summed up the issue quite accurately: “The elected government should formulate foreign policy. A parallel policy or parallel government should not be allowed.” It is time for Pakistan to cease worrying about a war against India that will NOT occur, and focus on the enemy–the Taliban! And, this policy should be formulated, not by the Pakistan military, but by its government.