Lebanese Rockets-Israel Bombs–Dead Children!

Several rockets fired from Lebanon by extremist groups landed in northern Israel without resulting in any casualties or damage to facilities. Hizbullah is not claiming responsibility for the attack. In Gaza, Israel troops hammered their way into the heart of the city of Gaza as the death total rose to 971 including over 400 innocent men, women, and children. Jacob Kellenberger, head of the International Red Cross, said “it is unacceptable to see so many wounded people. Their lives must be spared and the security of those who care for them guaranteed.” Hamas representatives continued meeting in Cairo but insisted there would not be a cease fire unless Israel agreed to evacuate Gaza and end the blockade of Gaza while Israel wants an end to rocket attacks.

There is definitely the basis for a compromise under which Hamas promises to end any further rocket attacks and Israel promises to turn over responsibility for Gaza crossings to an international group that would work with Palestinian leaders in Gaza. The killing must end, NOW!