Lebanon Government And Hizbullah Clash

The Lebanese government has decided to declare the Hizbullah’s telecommunication network llegal which has caused the organization’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah to make clear his intention of fighting Lebanese efforts to curtail his operations. “Those who try to arrest us, we will arrest them. Those who shoot at us, we will shoot at them. The hand raised against us, we will cut it off.” He termed the decision, “tantamount to a declaration of war.” Gunfire broke out in Beirut as Nasrallah spoke via videolink from his hideaway. Within minutes after he finished talking, gun fire and explosions rang out in the Muslim wester sector of Beirut as masked gunmen opened fire on street corners. Many people remained indoors in fear of violence.

General Wafiq Shukeir, the airport security chief, who the government has fired, said he intended to remain at his post. Hizbullah gunmen blocked roads leading to the airport. Egypt said it will convene an emergency meeting of the Arab League to discuss the situation.

Lebanon has become two nations, one basically Christian, and the other, essentially Muslim even though there are many Lebanese who refuse to by their religion and believe in their nation. If a civil war breaks out in Lebanon, the entire Middle East will become evern more destabilized.

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