Left Pushes Hard In France

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago in the United States of America we actually had political parties which championed the rights of  the middle classx and poor people. Alas, today, we have political parties which vie with one another to prove loyalty to the upper one percent of our wealthy population. The people of France continue  believing in “left wing” politics which means they  think it is OK for a politcal leader to denounce the wealthy and powerful who control society.

Recent polls for who will gain the presidential nomination reveal that left wing leader Jean Luc Melenchon  has  soared into third place in pollling.  He is blasting the wealthy and increasingly gaining support. Melenchon has now passed right wing Marie le Pen by gaining 15% versus 28.5 for Socialist Francois Hollande and 27.5% for conservative President Sarkozy.

Gee, it is nice knowing there  is a nation in which it is OK to attact those with wealth.