Left Wing Vctory In Paraguay

Another right wing domino fell and a left wing radical rose as Paraguay witnessed the triumph of Fenando Lugo, a suspended bishop, won the presidecny. Paraguay had been ruled for over sixty years by the conservatve Partido Colorado but the people of the land locked nation moved to the left in search of new leadership. Lugo represents a milder form of the liberation theory which arose in more liberal components of the Catholic church. South America has witnessed several victories by those espousing more radical economic and social ideas, but Lugo is regarded as less anti-American and less hostile to the middle class or busness community.

His victory represents a crushing blow to the conservative Colorado Party as Lugo will fight for new legislation benefiting the majority of people in Paraguan society. He brings a liberal “religious” element to the government which has concern for the plight of poor peple and he will most probably secure financial support from radical leaders such as President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. However, Lugo will most probably govern in the milder left wing model of Lula da Silva from Brazil.