Legacy Of Bush In Iran

The legacy of George Bush lives on in our daily lives. In 2001 during the US invasion of Afghanistan, then reform Iranian president Khatami, offered assistance to our forces in the fight to  end Taliban rule. The Iranian government reached out to Bush in an effort to end it isolation and Bush responded with his famous “Axis of Evil” speech which denounced an Iranian government which had tried to end its impasse with the United States. Our failure to support reform Iranians is among the greatest mistakes of the Bush administration.

Fast forward a decade and now Iran which used to hate Sunni dominated al-Qaeda is now assisting its former enemies. There is growing evidence al-Qaeda is allowed to freely function in Iran and use its resources in order to funnel money, men and materials to their terrorist groups. We had an opportunity to avoid this problem, but Bush ineptness and stupidity continue to make impossible resolving Middle Eastern problems.

I guess Fox News will blame Obama for this one.