Legal Marijuana!

I have never used any form of drugs other than what is able to obtain from a drug store or with a prescription from a doctor. I realize that untold millions of humans daily use drugs that one can only obtain through accessing illegal sources. The nation of Uruguay has decided to become the first on planet Earth to make the sensible decision that using marijuana is not a crime. After 13 hours of heated debate the lower house of its Congress voted to legalize the use of marijuana. The Senate will soon also pass this law.This means Uruguay has done what other nations have not yet achieved which is to create a legal framework for marijuana use by its citizens. What does this mean?

Under the new law, it is now legal to produce, process, sell and purchase marijuana in the country of Uruguay. Miguel Inzula, Secretary General of the Organization of American States said that his organization completely supports this law because existing policies of making the production or use of marijuana have completely failed. When will the United States of America come to its senses and end the empire of drug dealers??