Legalize Prostitution?

A retired prostitute is challenging Canada’s anti-prostitution law on grounds it compels sex workers to leave the security of their home and ply their trade on streets where the likelihood of violence is greater. Some supporters of women’s rights oppose prostitution while others argue it is the right of women to decide what to do with their bodies. We offer a slightly different approach to the issue of prostitution. As we understand the concept of “prostitution” it occurs when an individual solicits money for his/her body.

1. Congressmen who solicit money from lobbyists are certainly selling their bodies in order to obtain money. Of course, in this case, it is the mind which is being prostituted.

2. President Obama, like most presidents, finally decides on what to support based on poll results. We argue that is prostituting one’s actions in order to obtain votes.

3. How many religious leaders sell out their souls in order to gain fame and support?

4. At least female prostitutes are honest. Honey, give me money and I will give you what you want! That is exactly what every politician says and does.