The United States of America faces serious economic and social issues requiring leadership on the part of our elected representatives both at the state and national level. A large deficit must be confronted as well as major programs to stimulate creation of jobs. The Legal Community Against Violence estimates there currently are 470 proposed bills before state legislatures that would make easier the right to
Americans to carry concealed weapons. In California, Democratic and Republican members of the state legislature will be introducing a new bill which allows any member of that body to carry a concealed weapon. As Lou Correa puts it: “I’ve had guys physically come up to me ready to punch me out.” I assume this feeling arises from disagreement with his actions as a member of the legislature. I assume he would like the right to whip out his concealed weapon, take aim and eliminate the threat to his body of a punch to the stomach.

Have any of these nut cases considered dealing with problems facing their constituents? How about innovative ideas leading to new jobs? How about financial support for firemen or policemen or teachers facing layoffs?