Legless Oscar

There is a trial going on in South Africa which involves the legless fast runner Oscar Pistorious who is charged with shooting to death his gorgeous girl friend. Oscar claims:

1. I was sitting on the bed when I heard a noise in the bathroom.

2. I live in a country filled with black hoodlums so I assumed it was one of them.

3. I did not have on my legs so I felt helpless, weak and terrified.

4. I assumed my girl friend was fast asleep.

5. Put yourself in my position. I drew my gun and blasted away at the noise.

6. I heard a scream so I put on my legs and went to investigate.

7. I broke down the door of the bathroom and found my girl friend.

8. I wept in anguish.

Prosecutor forensic expert said the door was obviously broken down by the Oscar without legs.

Defense attorney wants to know what happened to the door while it was in possession of the prosecutor?