Length Of Canadian Muslim Woman Skirt Issue On Job

A Canadian woman of the Muslim faith was working at Pearson International Airport when confronted with an issue regarding the length of her skirt. Her position required wearing a uniform whose skirt reached to about her knees, but the woman refused to wear this garment on grounds it violated her Muslim dress code. She proceeded to wear a skirt that was in accordance with Muslim religious practice and was fired. A Canadian court ruled she should be reinstated and placed in an administrative position until authorities can clarify the nature of dress codes for personnel at Canadian airports.

At first glance, this case is of relative minor importance, but it does raises questions regarding the extent to which religious belief can impact the manner in which one conducts a job. I was teaching at an urban college which had many Muslim students. Some of the females(about 40%) covered their faces which made it difficult to ascertain comprehension when either I or another student was talking. I also placed these women in groups containing males which undoubtedly for them raised questions. Ironically, the Orthodox Jewish females in my class also had concerns analogous to the Muslim females. I must confess feeling awkward and uncertain at times when meeting with females in my office since I did not wish to make them feel uncomfortable being in a room with a male. These are interesting new issues for many aspects of modern society.

  • Ron

    Short skirts are the creation of and for the pleasure of sexist men anyhow. So, why should a woman be forced to wear them if she does not wish to. I am sure men on the same job are allowed/asked to wear trousers covering all their legs. Women should have the same opportunity if they want. I don’t see any reason why such a “dress code” would be required to work at an airport.

    Bravo, for the Muslim woman for standing up for this issue of women’s rights.

  • Tyler

    Here’s a suggestion: wear the damn skirt, or find another job. I don’t give two shits if you believe your magical sky daddy thinks women should be kept in haz-mat suits. Freedom of religion means just that – freedom to practice your religion on your own time, on your own property; it doesn’t mean you have the right to force others to change their lives or business policies to accommodate your archaic delusions and nonsensical regulations. As the saying goes, “your freedom to swing your fist stops at my nose.” If fundamentalist Muslims want to live under Sharia law so badly, they ought to get the fuck out of liberal democracies like Canada, Britain, France, and the US. I can assure them that their hypocrisy, double standards, and lies won’t be missed.

  • Tyler

    “Bravo, for the Muslim woman for standing up for this issue of women’s rights.”

    This might very well be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Yeah, Muslims have really been known for their unyielding commitment to women’s rights. Please. That’s not to say other religions have been good for women – far from it. But Islam is, at present, by far the biggest threat to individual rights in general – not just for women. And don’t make me drop a load of Qu’ran on your ass by saying something stupid like “well the radicals are corrupting the true teachings of islam lol.”

  • Al B Sure

    Funny how when one Muslim woman objects to a policy, we have to review our notions of tolerance and understanding. When the children of Christian fundamentalist parents, who constitute 90% of a school class, object to the teaching of anal and oral sex on religious grounds, we are not so reflective.

    If she chose to wear this skirt to work in Saudi Arabia, how many lashes would she get? If this woman was really standing up for ‘women’s rights’, maybe she should see if her own house (of worship) is clean.

    If Muslim women are so oppressed by our values and culture, they have another option – move to a Muslim country. They will fit in quite well with their faces covered. One caveat – dont get gang-raped – thats 2 years in prison and 200 lashes.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    As I indicated, Canadian authorities are reviewing their policy, I didn’t say policies would be changed. I have no problem insisting people of any religion adhere to basic rules and procedures regardless of what their religion requires. Orthodox Jews in the US Army cannot wear a yarmulka under the helmet, and obviously, Jews don”t get served kosher meals in combat. I always place Orthodox Jewish or Muslim females in my class into working groups containing males even though that violates their religion. If wearing a long skirt interferes with work requirements, then Muslim females must wear short skirts. I see no reason to get angry or upset, an employer has a right to establish work conditions. It a Muslim or anyone else can’t meet the employer’s requirements, they should seek work elsewhere. But, there is no need to condemn all Muslims for the actions of this women. Most Muslims in America have no problem at work so why get upset?

  • Ahmed

    The comments here are particularly disgusting for the most part. Since when does the extent of a woman’s baring her body parts constitute a work requirement? Does it say that on the job description? We need to look nice and hot because your objectification helps us do business? Does it also say what size breasts she needs, and how tight the clothes should be? The state of women’s rights in many areas of the muslim world is sad, but that’s generally applicable to most devloping nations anyway. What really is scary is to have people defending any sexist, repulsive phenomenon in our own “developed” world by making fun of others. You’re sexist too, dipshits, you’re just too stung up to see it.

  • George

    Tyler is spot on ! The muslim woman stay home if she feels that it violates her religion to wear a dress code at work. She chose to live in a civilised country. If she cannot follow rules better migrate to a muslim country where she should be able to practice her beliefs or just stay at home covered up !

  • Mike

    Social facism created in countries dominated by the Muslim faith underscores the plight of free societies. Sadly, many parts of the world are subject to this dark-ages mentality, and one cannot single-out any particular religion. As the saying goes “when in Rome…”; whoever you are, do not impose your religious views, customs or other ideologies on our country. Adapt, integrate, participate…….or LEAVE.

  • Mike

    It’s also wonderful that the Teamsters, gunning for membership of anything that moves, are working so hard to counter any common job requirements such as a dress code. Hey guys, is membership that bad these days? If someone shows up to work in a thong, will you defend it? Didn’t think so……

  • Fred B

    Hmm! Interesting that it is all men writing here about forcing a woman to wear a short skirt. As someone wrote earlier, what does the length of a woman’s skirt have to do with her ability to do the job? Should we not be concerned about her skills and qualifications? Is there something else about her in the news item about her poor job performance?

    As for those asking her to go back, why don’t they go back to Europe or wherever else they or their parents came to Canada from.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    It is interesting how so many people become concerned about women rights when it deals with Muslim women. The same people expressing such concerns make no comments about abuse of women rights in the United States or the Middle East where immigrant women are subjected to physical and mental abuse. As I say, my employer has a right to establish “reasonable” regulations about my attire–including what men can or cannot wear. When I began working sixty years ago, men had to wear a suit. Frankly, I think the issue about length of skirts is much ado about nothing. If the length of skirt interferes with performance of my job, certainly an employer has a right to make me conform. Are Jews allowed to wear a yarmulke when working in airports? Some people writing on this topic apparently are unaware that some Orthodox Jews must conform to dress codes, including covering hair. The largest Muslim nations like Indonesia do not have such dress restrictions nor do Muslims in India who constitute the second largest Muslim group. By the way, I have no idea what “social fascism” means. The word fascism derives from Mussolini’s corporate state which described a society in which government and the corporate world controlled things– that certainly is not what Muslim religious leaders advocate.

  • Nivine

    Bravo muslim woman , you did the right thing by keeping your body your privacy.
    you have the right to work wherver you want
    you have the right to hide your legs and some day people who are against you will know that Islam started to complete what Jesus has began.
    O people who dont know Islam : a muslim woman is wearing what a sister in church is wearing .
    If you denie what a muslim woman is wearing denie it to the sister in church.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    I’m all for equal clothing rights for Muslim men and women.