Leno –Conan O’Brien Saga Top Story Of Moment!

There is something going on in a place named Haiti, but, to be honest, it really is not of the importance to the more important series of events occurring at NBC and its two icons, O’Brien and Leno. Mr.O’Brien believes his civil rights have been violated because NBC wants him to work at a later hour in the evening, a request no God-fearing American could accept. Leno insists moving to an earlier hour was not his idea, but he was a good soldier and accepted the dictates of NBC. As he recounts the story, “four months go by, we don’t make it. Meanwhile, Conan’s show during the summer we’re not on was not doing well.” So, try a later hour insisted NBC executives. Of course, these are the ones who dreamed up the idea of an earlier hour Leno show.

Frankly, I do not watch either show since there are more important events in my life like watching the New York Knicks lose one game after another. At least I do not suffer the agony of listening to stars an starlets telling the world all about their problems while the audience oohs and aahs.

Oh, Mr. O’Brien has agreed to accept the punishment of a $32.5 million buy out. Is there anyone at NBC anxious to buy me out? I’ll take a lot less than O’Brien.