Lesbian Cadet Resigns From West Point

The United States of America is engaged in wars all over the world as it attempts to deal with terrorist groups who daily plan ways to attack western societies. Katherine Miller was the type of cadet the nation wants to be in a leadership role, she had just completed two years at West Point and was ranked 9th out of the 1,100 students in her cohort. However, despite being an outstanding student, Katherine had a serious problem– she was a lesbian and thus the subject of jokes and insulting remarks. She also confronted the need to lie about her sexual beliefs and feelings since to openly admit she was a lesbian violated the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Ms. Miller finally decided to request being able to resign from West Point.

I wonder what is the point of forcing bright young leaders from the armed forces. I wonder what is the point of West Point adopting pointless regulations which deprive the nation of its best and brightest.