Lesbian Ex-Major Sues For Reinstatement

Major Margaret Witt joined the United States military and served it well. She was considered an excellent officer, secured promotions as she rose through the ranks until she attained the rank of major. But, this exemplary officer had a problem, she was a lesbian. This meant her lovers were women and for most male officers the very concept of a woman sleeping with a woman terribly upsets their view of the universe. She was dismissed from the air force in 2004 on grounds she had openly admitted being a lesbian and this violated the infamous, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. A California judge ruled the policy was in violation of the Constitution. The Obama administration, despite seeking to change the policy, will defend in an appeals court the judge’s decision,

I guess it is OK for a male to be an officer and a gentleman, but it is not OK for an officer to be a woman and a gentlewoman.