Lesbians Let Down In Russia

The brides wore white satin an d pinstripes as Irina Shepitko and Irinia Fedotova entered the State Registry Office in hope their effort to become wife and wife would be recognized by Russian officials, but their hopes were in vain. The chief registrar refused to consider the requests of the women on ground the Family Code states a marriage requires the consent of a man and a woman, not a woman and a woman. She also pointed out the form refers to “he” and “she” not she and she. Although, gay marriages have been recognized as legal in many countries including parts of the United States, Russian homophobia is strong.

The brides made clear the rejection was simply an acknowledgment that in Russia the forces of discrimination were more powerful than the force of love. The couple kissed and hugged one another, but the registrar would not accept either a kiss or hug.