“Lesser Of Evils

There are occasions in American history when the people must think carefully regarding their choices for president. Liberals are more prone to evaluate a presidential candidate against a set of criteria that neither Lincoln or FDR or John Kennedy or Christ himself would have obtained a passing grade. Today, many use the expression, “lesser of two evils” is discussing the choice between Obama and Romney. Hmmn

Barack Obama displayed inept political leadership, he displayed inept ability to explain his programs in a manner that would be understood by most people. Despite these flaws he: pushed through a health care plan for all Americans(over the coming decades it will be improved as was the first Social Security law), lowered student loan rates, ended the war in Iraq, pushed through the Dodd-Frank law to regulate banking, AVOIDED A DEPRESSION, saved millions of jobs due to the Stimulus, pushed for green energy business, secured gay rights in the military and backed gay marriage. OK,  so he was not perfect.

Are we to assume that if Mitt Romney is elected he would have done the prior plus many more things for the middle class and poor people?

P.S. Romney means two more Supreme Court Justices to end women rights.