Let College Students Pay Says Turkish Educator

Professor Yusuf Ziya Ozcan, chairperson of the Higher Education Board of Turkey, came out against the concept of free tuition at his nation’s universities. He argued that most nations of the world compel college students to pay for their education and use good jobs obtained as a result of that education to be the source for repayment of costs. “Not everybody needs to be a university graduate…Let’s admit students on a fee-paying basis and provide scholarships for those who need it…Those who receive scholarships can pay it back when they start working just like in the United States.”

The example of the United States actually offers the exact opposite picture than the one portrayed by Professor Ozcan. Poor students and many working class students have difficulty going to college due to the need for repaying costs at some future time. Post WWII American offered veterans the G.I. Bill of Rights which provided free college education. Economists believe the money spent on those veterans was repaid a hundred times by the rise in income and taxes pay. Turkey needs a comprehensive higher education program which is open to poor people if the gap between moderates and radicals is to be bridged.