Let Danes Get High Legally

The city of Copenhagen is considering legislation which would allow  people to purchase cannabis in State-run stores  in order to end their need to purchase drugs from gangsters. Nineteen local councils in Denmark wrote Mayor Frank Jensen and urged that he cease working to legalize cannabis. “You run the risk  of more young people using the drug if you start selling it in Copenhagen state-run dispensaries.” Ah, the myth of “more” drug users if drugs are legal.

Actually, a hundred times more people die each year due to legal alcohol than would ever die from the existence of legal drugs. There is NO evidence that use of cannabis leads to death. A State-run agency ensures that cannabis being sold will not result in harmful effects on the purchaser. Any teen ager in any nation in the world can secure cannabis if he/she desires. The presence of legal cannabis would end the fascination of many youth to defy authority by engaging in an illegal activity.

End the stupidity of designating cannabis as a harmful drug. If anyone believes it is, present your evidence.