“Let Everyone Pay Taxes!”

Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York City has been reduced a few billion over the past few days due to stock market fluctuations, and he wants the debt problem to be solved. After all, when one has billions at stake, failure on the part of the American government to resolve the debt issue can lead to a loss of a few bucks. The Mayor has a solution to the problem. He wants EVERYONE to pay more taxes. He does not believe it is fair to only tax the wealthy, so why not raise taxes on the middle class and even poor folk?

Mayor Bloomberg has a point. Is it really “fair” for wealthy people to pay at the rate of about 15%(they have accountants who ensure that rate) while middle class people pay only 20%? If we could make everyone(of course, when one says, “everyone” it refers to the middle class) pay their fair share of taxes then this nation would be on the road to recovery.

Oh, the Mayor added some words of advice to poor youth. “We need to address that you kids who are either getting pregnant   or fathering kids and walk away from your responsibilities” should be compelled to pay your dues. Naturally, the wealthy are never asked to pay their fair share of the dues.