Let Free Enterprise Handle Storms

Mitt Romney has a new twist on handling hurricanes, floods and storms, just turn things over to free enterprise, and above all, do not allow the Federal government to  become involved. He argued that in case of a NATIONAL DISASTER, responsibility should be turned over to state governments,and, even better, to the corporate world. Every so often one can only wonder if this man is connected to life in the 21st century. Mitt, a storm cuts ACROSS STATE LINES, honest Mitt, it does not halt at the state line. How could fifty governors  coordinate in case of a national emergency?

Mitt, do you really believe any state has the personnel, the skills, the money to handle a disaster like Sandy? This man is trapped in ideology and simply lacks a grasp with reality. Of course, private enterprise insists on a PROFIT for its work. Vote for Mitt Romney and pray for relief during a disaster. Of course, you can always head to the nearest Emergency Room!