Let Me Light Up To Die!

The decision of the Turkish government to ban smoking in coffee shops has aroused fury among owners of the shops as well as disaffected customers who believe they have the right to light up. More than 10,000 coffee shop owners displayed their anger by gathering in Anakara to shout their defiance. They warned the government imposing a ban would crush their establishments and result in unhappy Turks. Among the protestors were many signs saying, “We Want A Smoking Initiative.”

Shops owners claim at least 10,000 workers have been fired as shop owners prepare for a sharp drop in business once the ban goes into effect. Some protestors even threatened to go on a hunger strike unless their demands were respected. Of course, we wonder if during the hunger strike participants will be allowed to smoke.

Of course, inherent in these fears is the belief it is certain that customers will not come to coffee shops if they cannot smoke. That is an assumption that must be tested.