Let Mubarak Stand Naked As Dictator He Is!

American presidents invariably display Egypt as a western leaning Muslim nation that opposes terrorism as the model for what can be achieved in the Middle East. Rarely, do American leaders tell the truth about President Mubarak who is basically a petty dictator over a crumbling disorganized nation that is unable to offer employment to its bright college graduates, or to the working class. Former UN Nuclear director, Mohamed ElBaradei has returned home to his native Egypt in hope of offering people a democratic alternative to the current semi-dictatorship. He has been meeting with opposition parties in order to create a new mass movement. Ibrahim Nawar of the National Front said he ElBaradei told his party to boycott the upcoming parliament election and “Let them(Mubarak followers) be exposed naked before the whole world as manipulators of voting.

It is good news that a Muslim leader is attempting to challenge the power of non-violence and passive resistance in order to achieve aims rather than resorting to violence. The use of indiscriminate bombing and shooting has gone nowhere, let’s try a little love.