Let My Leader Go

Viktor Yanukovych is a two bit thug who happens to be the leader of the Ukraine. He won an election and proceeded to place in prison the woman who was then head of the Ukraine. He charged that she agreed to the wrong law. If leaders went to jail for signing off on bills that became laws and subsequently were placed in prison for the wrong law, jails would be over crowded with men and women who once were presidents of prime ministers. The charge against his opponent,Ylia Tymoshenko is ridiculous and is simply an endeavor by this petty little man to settle a “score.”

The Ukraine seeks entry into the European Union and the price is freedom for Yulia. The head honcho of the Ukraine finally allowed her to get medical treatment in Berlin, but his crowd of clowns in Parliament really want revenge. They refuse to sign off on the proposed bill. Stalemate. Vladimir Putin enjoys this situation because he wants the Ukraine to join his bloc of supporters who need Russian oil.