Let Poor Eat Cake!

Once upon a  time, a long time ago, Marie Antoinette, queen of France remarked if people were so damn poor, they should eat cake and shut up. Jeremy Clarkson of the show, “Top Gear” is a friend of Prime Minister David Cameron who has shown scant concern for modern poor folk. When asked for his views  on the nationwide strike by public employees, he calmly replied: “Frankly, I would have them shot. I would have them taken outside and executed in front of their families.”And, as for those who commit suicide by throwing their bodies on railroad lines, there was no reason for the train to halt, just mow them down.

The prime minister commented that it was simply a joke. Of course, it was a joke, Jeremy really wanted to have their heads chopped off, not in front of families, but on live TV with himself the host. Why is it that so many with jobs and money have so little concern for those without? Why is it that people like Jeremy who enjoy the good life, become so upset when someone actually wants to make enough money to afford their child in day care?