Let Them Black Kids Sweep Floors!

Net wants to sweep America clean of lazy folk and kids who prefer smoking pot to cleaning pots. According to the rather portly man, the best thing America can do for students, particularly black ones is to hand them a broom and let them sweep and mop floors. It will instill the desire to work and get them hitting the books. “New York City pays their janitors an absurd amount of money because of  their union. You could take one janitor and hire 30 some kids to work in the school for the price of one janitor. 30 kids would be a lot less likely to drop out.”

Of course, his proposal would increase unemployment since janitors would be fired. At no point did Newt specify this “absurd amount of money.” After listening to Newt we offer a counter proposal.

1. Fire a few Wall Street hedge fund people and use their money to hire black kids to sweep and mop the floors of Wall  Street buildings. I assure Newt once the 30 kids realized they were earning a $100,000 a year, they would NOT drop out of school!

2. Of course, we could hire 30 kids to trail behind Newt and clean up his bullshit. Certainly, Newt might not purchase another diamond ring for his wife and have that money used for the kids picking up his shit.