Let Them Eat Cake!

I confess to being bewildered at news of severe cuts in Food Stamps imposed by Republican leaders in Congress. I gather from their beliefs the use of Food Stamps is preventing people capable of working in a job from doing their jobs. There are an estimated 47 million Americans who secure some financial assistance from the government in order to make it through the year. For some strange reason, the 22 million children and the 9 million senior citizens are just too lazy to go out and get a job. Instead of working, they depend upon food pantries or soup kitchens to eat when all they have to do is:

1. Work their way through garbage bins for some healthy food.

2. Focus on ending obesity by reducing food intake.

3. Drink more water, it is healthy and reduces hunger pangs.

4. Pray harder to God.

5. Do some begging, it is good for the soul.

And, always remember that our beloved Tea Party wants you to believe in Jesus. After all, he came for the wealthy!