Let Them Eat Cake!

I was born in 1930 when one out of three Americans lacked work to earn money and had to depend on churches and other voluntary agencies in order to feed the family. Franklin Roosevelt became president in 1933 and initiated vast job programs which were designed to enable men and women to earn money to feed their families. However, millions had to depend upon government agencies for food. Today, we hear nothing but nonstop words from Republican leaders who hate Muslims, and. apparently hate Americans. A new poll reveals that by a 67% to 25% people who regard themselves as Republicans agree that Food Stamp programs should be reduced. By a 67% to 28% of those who view themselves as Democrats, oppose the reductions. Most Independents agree on reductions in Food Stamps.

I am so glad to live in a country which has so many Christians. It is clear to anyone that if Jesus returned he would be a Republican and fight to end Food Stamps. We all know that Jesus came to help the oppressed middle class and wealthy folks of this nation.