Let Them Eat Dollars!

The Republican party is committed to the proposition that American society can not develop and expand unless the top one percent of its inhabitants receive 22% of the nation’s wealth. If the economy is not expanding, there can be only one explanation– the GOVERNMENT has angered the top one percent of our wealthy people and this has led them to cease creating jobs for the masses. Therefore, the solution is simple–reduce supervision, end taxation of the top 1% and Americans will witness a boom that is unparalleled in American history. Of course, during the boom years from 1947-1970, the top tax rate was double what it is today. Anyway, Republicans slashed the budget of the Securities Exchange Commission so they would not be able to closely supervise activities of our beloved top one percent. They also slashed funding for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. In other words, if the “government” seeks to end criminal behavior of our wealthy folk, then it must be halted.

OH, Republicans, to soothe the anger of liberals, did agree not to push for huge cuts in Food Stamps. However, they intend to weed out “waste” in nutrition programs. There are programs which enable poor folk to purchase quality foods! If you are “poor,” then eat the cheapest foods available and gain some weight. Think of it this way if you are poor, by eating cheap food, you enable the top one percent of our wealthy folk to eat high quality food. This should be an incentive to cease being poor!