Let Them Have Bread And Water!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio who presides over law in Maricopia county in the state of Arizona is one tough gun toting dude who can terrorize anyone who has the unfortunate position of being in one of his prisons. He is also the toughest guy in the state and among the few law men who understand that Mexican illegals are criminals who deserve to be sent back across the border, and when tough Joe sends an illegal back, that means back across the desert to wherever they originally came from. He is now very, very upset at 38 prisoners who dared to burn American flags, who for some reason, were hanging in their jail cells. As punishment, two meals each day will be bread and water, and when Joe says bread and water it means without any butter on the bread.

He is a tough guy who made prisoners listen to Christmas music nonstop during the Xmas period because that is the only way they could become true Christians. Underneath that tough skin is a gentle man of God who loves Jesus Christ. You know, the dude who wanted to feed people bread and water–and without any butter on the bread.