Let Them Pray For Food Says Tea Party

The American Tea Party is dedicated to the proposition that America comes first, second and always in the hearts of its fellow Americans. They dislike spending “our money” to help “those people,” most of whom are not even Christians. Reuters Alert Net was allowed by the government of North Korea to actually witness first hand the famine that does not officially exist. Reporters saw people who were blatantly malnourished, babies needing milk and signs of devastated fields. Outwardly, the depleted fields were partially the result of natural disasters, but they were also the result of a government which is long on rhetoric and mighty short on food or supplies.

In the farming province of South Hwanghae people wander with empty stomachs, children beg for milk and there are shortages of basic drugs. But, the Great Leader will soon announce a great leap forward. He has developed a process to make food from his bombastic speeches.