Let Them Protest, I Get Aid!

President Abdullah Saleh has figured out the best way to get support from the United States in order to remain in power. After all, he has only led Yemen for about three decades and since Mubarak was finally driven from office after that length of time being president, Saleh figures he must use creative thinking to remain in power. A recent video from Yemen that was released by Al Aibya shows women clad in black and wearing veils holding up candles as they chant for Saleh to give up power. If anyone wants to get Americans who dislike Muslims to become frightened, just send them photos of black clad Muslim women yelling. Of course, at the same time, Saleh is allowing his forces to lose battle after battle to al-Qaeda insurgents. He knows this will send shock waves through American politicians who are ready to send money if you can be attacked by al-Qaeda.

Let me suggest to President Saleh that if he wants more military assistance from the US, all he has to do is allow al-Qaeda to gain control of a few cities. I would also suggest a few pictures of burqa clad women who are chanting “Death to America” as they burn some US flags. It is guaranteed to produce at least $200,000,000 in aid with more to come.