Let Them Speak Turkish-Then German, Says Erdogan!

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan during a trip to Germany urged the nation’s Chancellor, to create Turkish medium high schools and universities which would deal with education issues related to the 2.7 Turkish immigrants in Germany. Erdogan argued if an individual was first fluent in the Turkish language it would be easier for that person to learn German. “The German government should have no problem with that, whatever needs to be done for integration, should be done.” He also wants German high schools to hire more Turkish teachers who he believes will do better with German-Turkish students. Chancellor Merkel’s initial reaction was one of surprise and she noted that a good teacher should be able to interact with any child.

Prime Minister Erdogan was visiting Germany in connection with a recent fire in Ludwigshaven which some Turkish immigrants claim was caused by neo-Nazi elements. So far, no evidence of arson has been uncovered. It is interesting that Prime Minister Erdogan is offering advice to other nations regarding education considering he rejects any advice from those of Armenian background concerning their ideas on educating Turkish children about the Armenian Genocide. Chancellor Merkel is correct, a good teacher is able to interact with any child. Focus on teaching and excellent curriculum.