Let Them Vote

During the entire history of the United States Senate a few dozen appointments made by presidents have been blocked by that noble body of men –and later women. During the past five years more people nominated by President Obama have been denied an opportunity  for a vote than  have in the past two hundred years. Republicans are simply protecting the American people from having that power to appoint people to the Cabinet is held by 40% of the US Senate.

According to Senator Mitch  McConnell the Constitution places in the hand of those in the minority in the US Senate the right to shape how federal organizations function and they have the right to decide who heads these organizations. Majority Leader Harry Reid had the incredible idea that a majority of the US Senate should decide who heads government bodies!! Imagine- a  simple majority! Wow. What next?

Well, due to a compromise the US Senate will not abandon its 60% majority rule that allows  40% to block whatever it does not like. Anyway, Senator John McCain got the compromise and this ridiculous system will continue functioning.

Has anyone thought of contacting the Egyptian military to assist we Americans  to  have a system of majority rules??