Let Then Suck Ice Say Chavez!

Hugo Chavez is a man of the people. He is their fighter against evil capitalists and intends by his policies to usher in a new era of cold drinks and happiness. He is pushing a program that will enable poor people to own a fridge, given life in South America where one is close to the equator this appears like a wonderful opportunity to win the heat fight against evil capitalists. The announcement of this stupendous program to end poverty within their lifetime. After a dozen years in power during which time he has announced one program after another to bring work and good wages to the people of his nation who believe he actually has an economic policy. The new fridge is part of a social campaign entitled: “My well Equipped house.”

A well equipped house comes across as a winner. After all, he has helped ruin the economy, he runs a corrupt government whose main policy is: keep the power!