Let Us Read Books!

During the famous police campaign of November 15  to end dirtiness in the parks not only were people swept away, but so was their library. The library which served those in OWS contained about 4,000 books, but when the military action ceased only about 850 were returned in good shape to owners of the volumes. OWS is demanding that Mayor Bloomberg either pay for the lost books or return them. This incident raises some interesting contrasts between OWS and Republican presidential candidates.

Newt Gingrich:  Since I read the 4,000 books if any in OWS wants to know what was in the books all they have to do is contact me. I will offer a reduced fee of $10,000 an hour  for reading and teaching history

Herman Cain: They should be glad the books are gone. Books ruin people’s minds. They would be better off working in a pizza place.

Michele Bachmann:   Well, I once did read a book. It has a  lot of words in it.

Mitt Romney:  I promise to read books if elected president of this great country. of course, I will run by the Tea Party which books will be read.