Let World Know Who Has Sex In Sweden!

Sweden’s Justice Minister Beartrice Ask is upset because some men solicit women and purchase sex with them. She considers such behavior to be a violation of all standards of decency and Ms. Ask wants the world to know just who are these perverts out to get sex. Her proposal is to send information to members of the suspect to his family. “It is a little like being shamed on the town square.” She even wants to send a letter to wife or mother about this atrocious behavior. “I could imagine having enveloped in a very garish color and sending them home to people suspected of this offence.” I believe the key word is, “suspected” of a crime, not actually people who have been “convicted” of any crime.

Ms. Ask apparently is upset about kroners for sex. I wonder if she has as much passion for members of the business community who rob people of their life savings or cheat people with false promises or how about those who sell ineffective materials or objects? Women engage in sex for money in many ways. Some date a man who has money and some even marry one for his money. In these cases, who gets the garish colored envelope?