Let’s Automate Congress

The American people have accepted an increase in automation within their daily lives. We play with technology, we are served by technology and the thought of no technology in our lives would send some into suicide land. But, for some strange reason, technology has yet to impact the world of Congress. Congress folk work about three days each week, they take liberal vacations and just about cease to work by the beginning of August since it is election time. Anyone working in the real world would be fired for such behavior. Perhaps, it is time to place Congress on some sort of schedule. Of course, those failing to meet standards would confront the issue of being laid off.

1. Congress folk would be required to work a 40 hour week. Fund raising would be in addition to the forty hours. For each hour less than 40 in Congress, the person would be given a ten percent reduction in pay.

2. A new law would replace ten percent of Congressmen and replace them with robots. It certainly does not take an Einstein mind to be a Congressman. Certainly robots could be created who study a proposed law and vote for logical aspects of such a law.

3. For each dollar raised by a Congressman, fifty cents on the dollar would go to a charity named by a robot.

4. By the year 2020, fifty percent of Congress would be composed of Robots programmed to vote for laws that benefit American society rather than for those which benefit the upper one percent of society.

Of course, I fear that a robot programmed to be logical, when confronted by bills written by our Congressmen might have a robot nervous breakdown that burns up all mechanical elements of the mind.

Take your pick –a robot or John Boehner!

  • Seronious

    I vote this for blog post of the decade!